About Us

It all began in 2020: the year or trial and tribulation. As parents, McKinzie and I considered what we wanted for our children.  Above all, we hoped for a bright future and for our children to contribute towards making the world a better place.  To do so, they must be grateful and kind. We made it a mission of ours to instill these values within them.


The greatest leaders lead by example.   It wasn’t enough that we were telling Kendall and Ladd the type of people we wanted them to be. We had to show them.  Which is why we examined our own impact and how to positively affect the world.


We enjoyed helping others. We donated to food drives and shelters. We shared spare change. It didn’t seem like enough. We wanted to do more and to change lives.  This is something I’ve often thought about. How do you help someone? How do you change a life? Particularly, how do you help someone who has given up?


Sometimes people seem to forget that life is all about learning.   Each and every day is a new challenge. What better way to help someone than to teach them new skills and allow them to become the person who can change their own life?


Our goal is to create a non-profit that focuses on teaching homeless persons skills that will help them transform their lives.


Until then, we’ve partnered with the pros.   50% of all our sales go toward experienced non-profits with the mission to help people without homes get back on their feet and learn new career skills.


For us, this is a dream come true and we hope that you may join us for the ride!

Our Team


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Chief Dreaming Officer


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