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Do Good Be Good is a spunky tee-shirt that shows off the fun side of being a doGOODER. 

  • Women's Cut
  • The softest shirt you can get
  • Fitted, fits snug and true to size
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Printed in the USA

A motto to live by.

I was teased as a kid; I was small and quiet. Those who didn’t keep their heads down and move along were a prime target for bullies. That’s what I thought anyways.   But my mom was a superhero.  She didn’t wear a cape or anything like that, but she always told my siblings and I to be kind and to always turn the other cheek.  Sometimes, that can be a hard thing to do, but I listened.  Not even because I agreed with her at the time, but because I wanted to make her proud.


My mother was sick for my whole life.  She had cancer before I was born and was told by the doctor that she wouldn’t be able to have any more children. Even so, she had me and then my sister.   She would have cancer 3 more times. Regardless, she never blamed God or anybody else for her misfortunes.  After all, she was a superhero. Which is why I thought that if she of all people could live her life and never complain, could always be kind, could always be grateful, why couldn’t I or anyone else do the same?


That’s why I started do-gooder. It’s a badge of honor to be kind. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Every superhero has his or her slogan.  A doGOODER is a hero that deserves one too.


Do Good Be Good.