Do Good Be Good Window Sticker

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Let others on the road know that you don't mess around with your Do Good Be Good window sticker

  • Procut, because your cool like that
  • Durable Vinyl
  • 4.5 in Wide x 3 in Tall
  • UV tested

You’re late. You’re frustrated. You’re in a hurry to get where you need to go.  You’re driving your car like you're a character in Mario Kart (which you shouldn’t, but you tell yourself it’s a one time thing).  As you zip and skip across lanes, you’re stopped each time, by the same red light. It’s a taillight and it’s infuriating.

“Gah!” you scream, “I will bring an end to them all! I must get to my destination! Otherwise the world will cease to exist!"


Listen, I’ve been there. Telling myself that I need to speed along at all costs to get to where I’m headed.  The stress hypnotizing me into believing that the world might end.  Spoiler: it didn’t.


One time, when I was younger, I was headed to an early morning job interview. I was nervous and I was late, so I was driving like Mario himself.  There was a car driving in front of me, driving the exact speed as the signs that were posted on the side of the road. At this very moment, I thought, how annoying!


When I got the chance, I was finally able to zip around this car and zoom along.  “Phew!” I thought, “Now I won’t be late!”  


I arrived in the knick of time and sat outside my interviewer’s office waiting for him to arrive.  When he did, he ushered me inside and asked me to take a seat.


“I recognize you,” he told me.

“Strange, I don’t believe we have ever met.” I responded.

“I drive a blue sedan. You cut me off this morning.”

I just sat there, mouth agape and mortified. “I’m so sorry,” I told him, “I was running late.”

He laughed, “And so was I.”

Needless to say, I’ve never cut anyone off again. (On purpose...)

Hopefully you can share this sticker with those who hate your taillight.  Maybe it will lessen the stress of their commute.