Do Gooders Tee

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The Do-Gooders tee-shirt is the shirt for men to show off their kindness in a subtle fashion. When you are nice, you are one of us, a Do-Gooder. 

  • Men's Cut
  • The softest shirt you can get
  • Fitted, fits snug and true to size
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Printed in the USA

This is our crème de le crème. Our company’s essence. Our softball team tee.


DoGOODERS sometimes get a bad rap as being unrealistic and overly optimistic.  DoGOODERS are like that kid in the class that sits at the very front and raises his hand for every question.  Really, you think, every time? Maybe you can’t help but roll your eyes. After all, you sit in the back and never raise your hand.


But think about it. That kid is so eager to learn that he’s not held up by other people’s opinions.  He doesn’t care that you’re all the way in the back rolling your eyes. He’s not inhibited by the fear that he might answer the question wrong. That kid is actually the coolest kid in the classroom. Be THAT kid.


DoGOODERS do good, not because they are concerned with how it might be perceived or because they can in some way benefit from doing so.  They do good because they want to be good to those around them.


Be a doGOODER and join our movement.