doGOODER Logo Hat

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It starts from the top, protect that do-gooder brain of yours!

  • Grey and black trucker style!
  • Raised logo stitching
  • Snapback, fits all
  • Richardson Brand

A hat? Why a hat?  We could give you some corny line about how doGOODERS make the future a brighter place. That’s why we made you a hat, to shield your eyes.  Get it?


But there is more to this story.  So let’s start at the beginning.


It all started with a nice black and grey trucker hat, much like the one pictured in this photo. I wouldn’t say I found the hat so much as the hat found me.  One day it was just there and I thought nothing of it.  After all, it was a hat.  I wore that hat all the time.  It lived with us for a whole summer.  It protected me from the hot summer sun. 


One afternoon, we packed up and went to the lake to go kayaking. I brought my trusty hat. Upon arriving we realized we had forgotten one crucial item: sunscreen.  Almost all of us had put on sunscreen that morning. All expect Ladd. 


But not to worry, I thought, I have my hat! So I took it off and put it on his head, doing my best to secure it as tight as it would go.   Ladd has a much smaller head than me, but the hat would work just fine.  Because of that hat, we were able to spend the entire day out on the lake. No one was sunburnt, especially not Ladd.


It was getting dark, so we made our way back to the shoreline.  Upon arrival, there was a big gust of wind.  We were so preoccupied with pulling the kayaks to shore, that Ladd failed to realize the wind had swept the hat right off his head.  We pulled the kayaks up on the bank.  When we noticed the hat was missing it was already too late. It was too dark and the hat had drifted away, out of site.  Gone.


We thanked that hat. After all, without it, we wouldn’t have had the day that we did.   We like to think it floated to the other side of the bank and now some critter looks pretty dang cool rocking a black and grey trucker hat.


That hat was a good friend.  The ultimate doGOODER.