Kindness is Genius Tee

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I think that we can all agree, being kind is not just the right thing to do, it's genius! Show off your genius with your buddy Einstein

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The engineering world is a cutthroat place.  I work at a startup rocket company where we are imagining what the future holds for humankind. We are envisioning space exploration and yet, at the same time, engineers can be so brutal to one another.  There’s this mentality to shove your ideas down other people’s throats in order to get a promotion.  Be the smartest person in the room, at all times. If you're not, convince everyone you are. Whatever the cost.


That’s not me though. I’m not loud. I’m not forceful. Despite working within a culture that tells me to be everything except who I am, I want to remain true to myself. I want to do good and be good. I want to stay kind.


What is kindness? I think it extends beyond being nice. Nice is saying hello, engaging in small talk, being polite.  But kindness takes effort. Kindness is going out of your way to be good to others.  In a work setting, kindness is how you work with others toward the end goal.  Kindness is a higher form of intelligence.


Engineers think they are SO smart, but do they all possess this higher form of intelligence?  We all have the capability to be kind.  Anybody can be a genius.  It’s just whether or not you take the incentive.


“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ― Albert Einstein