Spread Sunshine Tee

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Spread Sunshine is a friendly tee-shirt that shows off the bright side of being a doGOODER. 

  • Women's Cut
  • The softest shirt you can get
  • Fitted, fits snug and true to size
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Printed in the USA

The sun is a star, which means that solar energy is actually star energy.  It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. Us humans have managed to harness stardust.


I’m an engineer, but maybe I’m also a magician. After all, I’ve helped people install paneling that’s allowed them to harness this stardust. We just call them solar panels. Maybe if we changed the marketing scheme, more people would want them on their roofs.  I mean come on, wouldn’t you want to harness stardust? That’s the stuff of fairy tales and science fiction. Yet, we are living it.


Sunshine is magic. It’s the reason why things are able to grow.  It’s energy.  That’s why when you meet someone whose energy is so positive and radiant you might think, wow, what a ray of sunshine!


If we are living in the reach of the sun, we too must be collecting stardust.  We just don’t need panels like houses do in order to harness that energy.  So be mindful that it’s there and that it exists.  When we choose to share that sunshine, to spread it, what a wonderful gift.


Spread sunshine; help the star up in the sky with its workload.